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We value your interest in our marketing/lead generation strategies. To give you an idea of the depth of our campaign here is a quick view of the assets we are leveraging to obtain leads; multiple local and regional radio stations, social media, cable TV, YouTube Ads, community event sponsorships, traditional literature drops, Blogs and a top notch SEO team. The success of our program to date has been overwhelming and exciting to say the least!

In addition to the exposure our contractor partners are receiving via our marketing techniques, we are able to include finical incentives in the form of rebate checks, for work performed, mailed directly to homeowners. We are very proud of the fact that we are able to process these rebates quickly, usually within 2-3 business days, and the check is in the mail. As I am sure you are aware, rebates via most manufacturers and energy companies can take quite a bit of time. We are just north of 4.5 million dollars rebated back to homeowners!

Since we began our rebate program in September of 2009 and through January 18, 2016 we have replaced 8,776 furnaces, 8,988 Air Conditioners and performed maintenance on 14, 435 pieces of residential equipment (Furnace or AC). We came up with the advertising concept in January of 2014 and launched in March of 2014. Since then, we have been processing on average 300 rebates per month.

Unions have been marketing for some time. We shall call this Traditional Union Marketing, The Big "U" approach. The objective of this campaign is to promote the Union and/or the Contractors Association. This can promote membership pride, maybe some growth in membership and branding in the industry. The Union is the focus point.

Our campaign is taking a non-traditional union approach, a little “u” approach. The objective of this campaign is to Establish Value to the consumer, Prove our Quality to the consumer and Develop Trust with the consumer. The Service Provider is the focus point.

We are very proud to be Union, however we are not selling “Union”. We are selling furnaces, air conditioners and service work. The pillars of our brand are Value, Quality and Trust. Our tag line is “Straight Forward Solutions and Quality Work”.

Everybody wants to be a SMART consumer, make SMART decisions and now they can at IWantSMART.com


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